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Eps 099 - Two Friends Talking About Guides - Ana Maria Vasquez Interview

August 25, 2022

I am very excited to welcome you to today's Podcast where my soul sister Anna Maria Vasquez, a multisensory animal and nature intuitive, will be interviewing me about guides, connecting with them, getting to know your inner awareness, and how you know that you are forming a genuine connection with them.

You have to learn to live with change because life is full of ups and downs, which makes it difficult to have anything constant. In spite of this, your guides will always be there to guide you through life. Regardless of which phase you’re at, there are going to be moments of doubt and anxiety, but your guide is your constant existence, a certainty in an uncertain world.

As your guide's love is pure and unconditional, they will help you get where you are supposed to be. But how do you write your own destiny? Listen to today's podcast to get your answer and to learn how to recognize the signs of guidance, the languages that your guides use to connect with you, the different kinds of guides, and how they can help you face different aspects of your development.


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In this episode you’ll learn about:

  • Co-creating life with your guides
  • Bringing your consciousness to your doubt
  • Getting into your inner awareness

26:03 - a personal story & a tool to help you connect

33:52 - a message for those that think they have guides

37:20 - Q&A segment

58:47 - a mini reading by Ana Maria to help with a question you have on your heart or mind


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