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Eps 101 - Pod Party #12 - Know Your Value

September 8, 2022

Hello everyone, I am very excited to welcome you to this week's edition of Who Can It Be Now. In this episode, I will be talking about how crucial it is to believe in both yourself and your product when you are running a business. In addition, I'll give you some advice on how to use your passion as an anchor while using marketing, business, and sales system.

Selling a product and running a business is not always a walk in the park; you may expect to encounter a great deal of skepticism and disbelief from customers. You are going to run into a wall, and when you do, you are going to probably make some mistakes, you are going to probably trip, and you are most likely to fall.

However, overcoming obstacles is essential to growing and making progress. It is something that you will inevitably face, and it is something that you have to become accustomed to overcoming, whether it is in your career or in your personal life. These challenges will help you and your product become more authentic, which will ultimately lead to your development.

And in order to accomplish your goal, it is critical that you have a genuine belief in what it is that you have to offer. How do you overcome the doubts that others have in you, as well as the doubts that you have in yourself? How do you stay true to your convictions? Is it possible to sell products in which you do not have confidence?

This episode will teach you more about conducting business with integrity, standing up for what you know to be true, believing in yourself, and more.

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In this episode you’ll learn about:

  • Standing in the value of what you offer
  • Validating your product
  • Selling a product you truly believe in

14:15 - first hot seat coaching about being seen with Irene

36:10 - second hot seat coaching about business mindset with Mary


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