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Eps 103 - The Little You - How it Affects You as an Adult with Sandra Pelley

September 22, 2022

Hey everyone, welcome to this very special podcast where we are going to have an exciting conversation with Sandra Pelley. She is a Visionary of the Guide Academy. She wanders through realities playing with her guides, especially her inner child, and teaches others the fundamentals of connecting and interacting with their guides. Sandra will be discussing with us: trauma and how it can affect you even as an adult.

Traumatic events can impact us in many different ways, and even if we think we have moved past a specific incident, it might still resurface in unexpected ways. Our thoughts will never forget a terrible injury or event that happened to us, no matter how young we were at the time, even if we don't think we're old enough to recall it. And coping with them can be traumatic, and avoiding them can be difficult, even for adults.

How can you use your inner guidance to empower yourself and get past the fears brought on by traumatic events? Check out this episode to find out the answers. Also, you will learn more about how to let your inner guidance lead you, as well as the different types of trauma and how to deal with them.

You can read more about Sandra Pelley at https://www.sandrapelley.com/


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In this episode you'll learn more:

  • "Little you" from an adult's perspective
  • Different types of trauma
  • How Expectations and Limiting beliefs hold us back

07:04 - who is the 'little you'?

16:16 - how the little you can help in daily life and decisions

21:47 - trauma and rewriting your story

29:54 - I AM Open mantra exercise

44:22 - I AM Love mantra exercise

53:10 - Q&A segment


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